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40 Winks Sleep Consultant

Because sleeping like a baby is the dream

My name is Kate and I'm a sleep consultant based in Surrey. I am an occupational therapist by background and have worked in the NHS and private sectors for over 15 years. After having our first child we battled to form a routine and could not get her to sleep. We used a sleep consultant to support us through the process of getting our daughter to create healthy sleep habits and she slept through on night three. I was so interested in the research related to sleep coaching and decided to gain my qualification in 2019. I am passionate about supporting parents through the process of sleep training and have first hand experience of how daunting the whole process can be.


Babyem OCN Level 3 Gentle Sleep Training June 2019

Complete our sleep questionnaire to receive some free advice. Email your form to


We offer a range of options to parents to ensure you can access the service that best suits you as parents and your child's personality.

The main points to consider before progressing with sleep coaching are:

  • Are the parents/carers on the same page in terms of what they would like to achieve

  • Does your child have any medical conditions that may impair their sleep

  • Is the family ready to make adjustments to support the sleep coaching process


Email Correspondence 

We offer a two week email/text communication package to support you through the sleep coaching process independently at home. Week one is used to complete preparation and week two is used to support sleep coaching.

Included in this package:

  • Free questionnaire

  • Sleep diary support

  • Pre-sleep coaching guidance

  • Email correspondence

  • Individualised sleep plan

  • Price: £240 (with a 45 minute video call to go through the sleep plan in detail the cost is £300)

  • For a sleep plan only the cost is £90

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Video Calling Support

We follow the email correspondence format. However, face to face support is provided to complete an initial consultation and to support the first evening of sleep coaching.

Included in this package: 

  • Free questionnaire 

  • Sleep diary support

  • Pre-sleep coaching guidance

  • Individualised sleep plan

  • Email and text correspondence

  • Video call consultation

  • Video call/text support on the first night of training up to 11pm

  • £380

Couple with their Baby

Home Visits 

Parents may benefit from having on hand support to complete sleep coaching. This may be a visit during the day to discuss sleep techniques and create a sleep plan together. Or it may be that you would like overnight support to get the sleep coaching process started. 

Included in this package:

  • Free questionnaire

  • Email/text correspondence leading up to the visit and two weeks post visit

  • Sleep diary support

  • Individualised sleep plan

  • Day or evening visit 

  • Bedtime support night one

  • Prices start at £400 (excluding travel costs) - please contact us for further details


Kate Hunter

BSc(Hons) Occupational Therapy

OCN Level 3 Gentle Sleep Training


I was born in South Africa and attended university in Cape Town. I moved to London in 2009 to gain professional experience and I've never left. I met my husband here, and we have three beautiful children, Madison, Brody and Jordan. 

Madi suffered with colic as a baby and we later found out that she had a cows milk allergy which was causing her discomfort through my breast milk. At 8 months we were co-sleeping and Madi would soothe all night breast feeding, which we later realised was her sleep association. Working with our sleep consultant changed our lives and Madi is still an excellent sleeper today at 4 years old. 

I used the skills we had learned from our sleep consultant and trained Brody at 4 months when we moved him into his own room, and implemented early sleep foundations with Jordan from 6 weeks, and all three children continue to be excellent sleepers. It was empowering to know that we could do it on our own and I still maintained my night feeds without disrupting their routines.    

After completing the sleep coaching course I firmly believe that there is a sleep training technique suitable for every child. Each one is different and can range from gentle cuddling and safe co-sleeping approaches to responsive check ins. It's about finding what works for you. 

Throughout my career I have always enjoyed working with people. I believe that every child is unique and therefore I follow a client centred approach. We work together to determine the causes of disrupted sleep and then create a suitable sleep plan together. 

I had so many questions when I first embarked on trying to understand what sleep training is. So please know, I am open and honest with my clients and I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

This is a non-judgemental platform, and I am always happy to help.  

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